Friday, September 30, 2016

My Sister's Pantry

On the outside chance that you enjoy peeking in closets or pantries much the same as I enjoy looking at book titles on bookshelves, I am sharing my sister's pantry with you. It's the cutest thing! Her husband designed and built it for her in what was formerly the front hallway. 

Their home is a work in progress with a new living room currently being built. Then her living room will become the kitchen. The current kitchen will become a dining room. I think. Perhaps she'll read this and set me straight.

Anyway, the pantry is done!

A closer look at some of the vignettes that charmed me.

Now why do I feel like brewing a pot of tea and baking some muffins? 

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Monday, September 26, 2016


Dear Friend, 

It is official. I have become dull as sawdust. I can, of course, prove this.

First: Though I have worked for several months in John's barn toting, tugging, pushing and packing, I have wrenched my back here at my own haven trying to remove old caulk. What is the weirdest injury you've had in the past month?

Second: The grands are playing soccer again this fall and have made some spectacular plays. I have not remembered my camera once. 

Third: My sisters-in-law and a friend (who might as well be a sister-in-law ☺) and I went on a long-planned excursion last Friday. Again, I forgot my camera. We are in the planning stages for a leaf-peeping tour.

Fourth: The weather. It has cooled. The furnace is running. Up the street. My sister once told me that all my letters home back in the day were about the weather. Some things never change. 

~Flannel Shirt Weather~
~Ahhhhh...much better!~

Fifth item: My big decorating choice of the early autumn required changing. Something about form and function. It looked good to my eye, but the window shades could no longer be reached. Bugger it!

~New Window in a Window~

~Back to the Same Old Same Old~

Sixth item: My local theater closed for a couple of years and when it reopened in August, it had become a luxury theater, recliners and everything! (Linda, I can't believe it!)  I may go see Sully alone. I will not eat in a restaurant alone, but I will attend a movie all by myself. Do you?

Seventh: This torture has gone on way too long...later! 

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

His Peace

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Showing Unity

This is a partial re-post from three years ago... 

~Flag (Photo taken 9-8-2013)~

If you live in the U.S., have you noticed an abundance of flags flying in the past twelve years? We have. In fact, both John and I first purchased flags to display that year. The entire town is covered in flags — one on every street post, and most homes display a flag. This became a way to show unity after the tragedy atrocity of September 11, 2001. 

There's something very special to me about seeing a flag fluttering in the breeze. There are still many reasons to be concerned about world events today; there are still many reasons to be concerned about the country today. The world is not a nicer, safer place since 9-11. Someday it will be again. Until then, we put our hope in The Lord and trust in His Word.
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Postscript: John climbed the telephone poll for the final time in April 2016 to place a new flag at The Ponderosa. I am amazed that he was able to do it. Typical of him. He replaced  many a flag through the past 15 years. Somewhere, he has it duly noted how long an all-weather flag lasts at the end of the drive. Originally, he was not going to continue replacing the flag, but when people told him how much they loved seeing that flag flying, he was faithful to keep it flying. Oh, by the way, John owns that telephone poll and placed it there all by himself. Also typical of him. ☺

A blessed day to you...