Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meeting Donna

It’s so much fun to meet a blogger. Donna of Cottage Days and Journeys is the ninth whom I have been privileged to meet in person. A meeting is an extension of the friendship that has already been established for some years.  We all say that. Meeting seems just as natural as natural can be. If you ever get the chance to meet a fellow blogger, grab it!

Donna was in Maine with a group of photographers taking pictures of iconic Maine. I am so looking forward to seeing some of the photos that she took while here. I have one and here it is…

This is one that Donna took with her iPhone and shared with me via email. She did not give me permission to use it here so I'll have to beg her forgiveness. It is just so cool! It's the kind of photo that one can expect to see at Cottage Days...

This is another, the only photo taken at our meeting. It was almost an afterthought and a way to prove that we actually had been there at the same time in the same place.

She wants me to tell you this: Please remind everyone that I am NOT a portrait photographer, nor do I take selfies. What an embarrassment for my standard of photographic quality!  Hahaha...  The photo simply documents two dear blogging friends who finally met in person (after many, many years) and loved each other more as a result.

I can’t say it any better than that.

We met in Freeport (home of L.L. Bean’s flagship store) at a pizza bistro where we enjoyed yummy brick oven pizzas. No pics. Sorry! We were there after lunch and a few hours before supper so it worked out well for us to chat and chat.  Donna is just as cute and vibrant as she can be. She was dressed as she would be in the field — like the photographer that she is. She had been up before the dawn to take pictures of the sunrise at Pemaquid and still she was soldiering on through a blogging meet after a long drive. Our conversation was our own and I am blessed that we had it. I’ll not soon forget all that Donna shared.

~Jams and Donna's own photography in Note Cards~

After saying our goodbyes, I left with gifts and a full heart and the determination to get John into the car for a drive the following day. 

I’m happy to report that the drive happened and John and I had a lovely forsythia seeking adventure culminating with supper out. Meals out two days in a row...woot!


~a yard full of daffodils~

~looking down upon our town~

Thank you, Donna, for everything. It would be lovely if our paths should cross again!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Brighter Day

Just can't leave the blog as I did yesterday. Talk about mortification...I truly am...mortified that is. I am blaming a snowstorm and my being prone to think the worst first. You'd think that I would have learned by now for I have always been proven wrong by doing that, given enough time. The blog was an easy fix once I settled down long enough to figure it out.

"It will pass, the sun will break through..."

Okay, moving right along with something brighter...

Yes, it did snow all day yesterday accumulating about four inches. It won't last this day. Funny how snow in December seems good and fine, but at the end of April it is terribly discouraging. Though it may look like winter outside and, while I am hearing the steady run of melting snow from the roofs,  inside it is spring. Further, snow does not compare to tornadoes, floods, hail or many of the foul weather systems that some have faced recently. Spring has always had a mind of its own.

~a simple centerpiece~

Besides, since the first robin has been spotted, it must be spring!

Of this photo, John says that my ink blot profile must be off the chart. (Hmmm...wonder what he means by that.) This is a marble birthday cake made by my grandson and I for his dad's birthday. When it came out of the oven, I called Jakob over to see what he had to say about the picture on the top. We see a rabbit on skis. It looks as if he is tossing globs of chocolate into his mouth. One can even see the motion marks. Jakob said that since he was responsible for the chocolate part of the marbling that he is obviously responsible for this picture. We got a kick out of it.

My gift to you today is closing comments so that you may skip along with all due apologies for yesterday. Gheesh. 

See you next week, The Lord willing and my wits stay intact.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Right, the blog is acting up. I can not access it from my laptop so am reduced to posting from the iPad...not good. At all.
So, if my geek can help me out, I'll be back. Otherwise, please know that it's been quite a ride. I urge you to grab any recipe because, if I must be down for any length of time, I will go private. 
I imagine the message below has a lot to do with it...
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Until next time...
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Edited to Add: Fixed! And all by myself! How embarrassing... Have I ever discussed my Chicken Little ways?  Let's talk about it later. Anyway, didn't want anyone fretting as much as I was. The problem was that my daughter came by and was working on google documents... It just dawned on me as I was doing the dishes and watching the snow fall. Off for a nap. My nerves are shot. LOL!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gifts in Spring

Let me try a Tuesday this week...

Three things today:

* gifts

* culling books and furniture

* spring garden 

Last week brought two packages to my door. The first was a gift from my friend Deanna at Creekside Cottage — lovely handmade pillowcases with French seams and decorative top-stitching. True confessions now ... both John and I like to nap on the sofa so we have a regular pillow there for just such a snooze. These pillowcases match my old, but new-to-me sofa. Perfect!  Love them! Thank you for thinking of me, Deanna. 

The second box arrived with a thwump on my side deck. My heart sank when I saw the word "fragile" in block letters on the side. What a happy moment when I unwrapped the gifts and found that each one was intact. Such cute gifts given with thought and in friendship. The giver focused on my love of yellow

I had such fun spreading the yellow around. Here...



and one more place, but I'll leave that for you to find.

This Dear One has asked to remain anonymous, though I am sending her a big thank you. What a sweet surprise! 


Our living room has needed some culling for quite some time. It meant removing a chair and adding a pair of auditorium seats for a place to sit and remove shoes and boots. 

John's chair has moved yet again (this is what I do, shove furniture around) making room for him to actually access his books. It's so cozy in his corner. 

It also means some tidying the bookshelf. John decided to do some culling of books. I find that chore difficult myself so I wasn't surprised to find him back in the chair already distracted by the first book he pulled! That grin is in response to my making some wisecrack about it.


No, I do not intend to float that table smack dab in the middle of the floor. Good grief!


Not a lot going on in my spring gardens. The chives are up, the rhubarb is, too; the front garden has one dandelion, grape hyacinths, and coral bells. I was able to get the yard work accomplished with the help of my neighbor who swept all the debris caused by the snowplow off from the front lawn. Now we are ready for warmer days and some blooming flowers. I can't wait! 

The inserts are more or less where they exist in the actual garden. I was experimenting at PicMonkey with the collage maker when I decided to attempt something different.

Over and out...

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