Friday, March 27, 2015

Odds and Ends 3272015

It feels as if I have done that many "odds and ends" posts. Poor you!

First up, this morning's view...

and that after a night of heavy rain! I practically leapt from my bed this morning hoping to see it all gone. Guess the joke is on me.

The rain did not work nearly as well as this did a couple of weeks ago...

~and away those bankings go~

Last night as I was putting slathering my lotion on, I noticed a cricket on the windowsill. He was on his back, poor fellow, and flailing. Oh my. He seemed to have been half-eaten. 

Know anything about that, Fioré? Hmmm... 

Anyway, I grabbed a bit of tissue, dispatched said cricket, and tossed him into the waste basket. I climbed into bed and very soon the air seemed to be filled with the pungent aroma of cricket juice. Let's just say that I spent my night dreaming strange dreams; the story lines of which would rival any of those created for The Twilight Zone

Recently, I found a little book of James Whitcomb Riley rhymes. One perfectly reminded me of a little snowball eater I love.

Jakob has never met a chunk of snow that he didn't like. (Just look at his expression!) And, oh yes, he is often reminded of choosing wisely. ☺ 

The text came with its own perfectly sweet illustration, I just had one of my own.

Lastly, in the odds and ends department, is a simple envelope pillow I made for my niece's birthday from one of her old t-shirts. She had been on a tour of western Europe in high school. I thought she might find it meaningful and a map makes a great graphic!

She does like it.

Thus ends #3272015...have a happy one!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Wee Mystery

Do you enjoy a good mystery? I do. Personally, I best enjoy the ones that I can't figure out from the chapters or the introduction. And I also prefer a cozy kind of mystery — mostly tea and crumpets without the blood and gore. Thank you.

Like this one...

on PBS Sunday evening at 7 
or this one...

last Saturday around noon.

I was pushing laundry in the basement when I heard a bit of  driveway noise, but dismissed it as being my neighbors. I listened for a knock and didn't hear one. (When I am in the dungeon basement, I stays in the basement. No up and down stairs any more than I must.)

The next time I opened the outside door, there on my stoop were these little gifts. Furtively, I looked right and left suspecting my neighbors again. Didn't seem likely.

 For the next two days, John and I played the Whodunit game. I suspected my niece, my daughter or a local church who loves to bless our town with little gifts and has done so on more than one occasion. Who could it be?!

Finally, I received an email with the heading: Did They Blow Away?

Ah ha! It was my sister. I should have known. She says she knocked. She says her daughter didn't answer her door either. I suggested that my niece may have been in the basement pushing laundry.

Now this has given me a few ideas. Oh yes it has!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Loving the Home you Have

Do you remember the first comment you ever received on your blog? I sure 
do. (Not yours, mine! ☺) Melissa @ The Inspired Room was the first to comment here. (Others appear to have commented on posts ahead of her because those comments came in on older posts long after those posts were written.)

Now it is true that I had been stalking her blog for some time. (That's before I knew that it isn't cool to comment on every single post.) In fact, it was *The Inspired Room* that inspired me to begin blogging myself. As I recall, I had foogled boys' bedroom decor and Melissa had written a post on that very thing. Shortly thereafter, I left my former online site because some at that site began to complain about my "blog-like" posts. Ha!  That's all water under the bridge and is neither here nor there.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Melissa! Truth is that she's  endured my comments through the years, including the ones where I simply didn't understand her problem with the wall color in her new home. It looked just fine to me! =D I also remember my begging her to tell people to get their wall art displayed lower on their walls. It remains one of my pet peeves to this day: some folks hang a painting way too high. However, rules are not what Melissa offers — either on her blog or in her new book — what she offers are lots of tips and ideas.

Recently, I heard from Melissa's publisher offering a free copy of her first book Love the Home you Have. It was a gift with no strings attached. Well the book arrived last week and I have been reading and laughing and learning. Those many thought-provoking questions that she asks really do provide direction. She also is honest to share her own journey, which I appreciated. (She sounds like you and me.) The book ends with a 31-Day Love Your Home Challenge. I adore specifics.

Oh sure, you might find many of these topics covered elsewhere (right at The Inspired Room for starters), still Melissa has done a masterful job of gathering these concepts in a readable, concise, highly enjoyable way. Love the art work! Two thumbs up!


So while I may not always "love" the home I have, I am grateful for the home I have and I love that my husband was the one who built much of it and who lovingly tends to it shoveling roofs and drives and whatever else needs doing. I enjoy puttering about my home and I am working on having a "purpose" in mind. Melissa's is very clearly given. I'd steal it, but it's taken.  I know this, at the end of a long day, John often sinks into his chair with an "it's good to be home." 


All the following photos are in response to something I read in Melissa's book. One thing is true: homes are always a work in progress.

(It is so nice having the Easter cactus blooming at Easter time...a first!) Once John asked why I keep "stuff" on the window sills. Good question! I have a good answer: Fioré the cat. I keep two windows in the room cleared for her, the rest are mine because I don't enjoy cleaning windows of kitty *not daily.


Time to quit. I'm just wandering in circles now. Have a good day!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Bit of This and a Titch of That

Did you know that Easter is a mere two weeks from this coming Sunday? I didn't until I checked just before starting this post. Time to get moving!

I am currently in a no-buy zone. It has lasted about six years actually. Well, be that as it may, I like to have something "new" for Easter. Since it is not going to be a new suit of clothes, I was looking for something cute meaningful for the house. I found it on my Easter Pinterest board. The link will be provided at the end. (Can't have you scooting off before you have a chance to visit.)

Yes, you've seen this corner many times with the aprons, the photo, the bunny and even the eggs (minus the lettering).

So if you're looking for more meaning for those Easter eggs, here's the simplest little project.

1. finished project
2. PicMonkey font selection (or anywhere really) I chose "Playfair Display"
3. gathering of needed items: an elongated dish, Easter eggs, floral moss or anything suitable for nesting, pencil for first tracing of letter, Sharpie for final lettering 
4. ready to assemble 
5. pin cushion 
6. a pin stuck in the bottom helps prevent the egg from rolling off the dish 
7. & 8. close-ups

When I was at Hobby Lobby using my birthday gift card, I also purchased a strand of small white silk flowers. I wrapped it around the Easter wreath and will get it on the front door today, even if it looks totally ridiculous there with all the snow we still have—mounds and mounds of it!


I'll change this photo out once it's on the door. Being the front door, I guess I'll have to get dressed first. =/


  ~Thank you, Karen!~

My dear friend Karen at *Life is Good~Smile* sent me an unexpected gift. A beautiful scarf knitted in one of my favorite color combinations—blue and yellow.  She also sent some Chocolate Chippers cookies she mentions quite often. They were a gift for John and he did eat most of them; I was able to squirrel these two away. Hmmmmm...good! They are not the usual chocolate chip cookie recipe. They seem brown sugar? egg whites only? I am not quite sure and Karen says only that it must be her magic touch! ☺

Pardon the lack of color, Karen. I had been out shoveling snow and was as red as a beet. Ugh. And not only that those two Chocolate Chippers have made me fluffy! LOL!


A wonderful day to you and a great weekend. See you next time!

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J-e-s-u-s on Easter Eggs Source